About Me


Hello, Aanii! My name is Grace Swain, I'm from Swan Lake First Nation treaty one territory on my father's side, and Wiikwemkoong First Nation on my mother's side. I grew up and currently live in Bruce Mines Ontario. I'm an Indigenous speaker, artist, and advocate. I’m passionate about creating art inspired by our local landscapes & making traditional land-based art accessible to all Indigenous peoples.

About My Work

As an Indigenous artist with a bachelor's degree in women's studies, I infuse traditional Indigenous teachings as well as symbolism throughout my paintings which intersect with gender and race. Often times I am painting animals and nature, and express my connection to the land through my pieces. Painting allows me to connect with my culture in a deeper way and heal from living within a colonial society. My grandfather attended a residential school, and because of this, the language was never passed on. When I paint I am able to learn the language by being surrounded by my Elders and members of my community. I paint in the traditional woodlands style, and because I am bear and fish clan I incorporate this into a lot of my pieces. My paintings are very healing, and often times individuals who are gifted with my art tell me how the bear and fish medicine has helped them and their families. Painting is also healing for the women in our family. Being Indigenous, and living within a patriarchal and colonized society has stripped Indigenous women of their power.

Giving Back

With your help, I'm able to facilitate more art programs for Indigenous women. These programs aim to remove economic and systemic barriers for professional Indigenous female artists to create and sell their land-based art. Indigenous peoples are the stewards of this land and comprising less than 5% of the world's population, Indigenous people protect 80% of the global biodiversity. Thus making us the #1 contributor to sustainability. Our art is a crucial part of this process. Due to colonialism and environmental racism, Indigenous peoples have been disconnected from the land and culture. This program aims to revitalize this through traditional teachings about the land. I launched this project in January of 2023 and in the first round received over 1000 applicants in under 48 hours.