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Sacred Smudge 12"x12" Print

Sacred Smudge 12"x12" Print

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This print is a digitized version of my acrylic painting "Sacred Smudge". All of my designs are freehand drawn, and original designs by myself.

About This Piece

Smudging has always been a part of my life for as long as I could remember. My first memory of smudging was as a child when my sister was having problems sleeping at night. My grandmother came over, smudged our room and after that, she slept peacefully every night. Since then we have always kept the four sacred medicines, sweet grass sage cedar, and tobacco close to our hearts. It is a reminder that we can get through anything when we come back to our roots. That we are resilient people. And the medicine is within all of us. Only 100 prints of this design were made.

Thank you so much, Chi Miigwetch from the bottom of my heart for supporting my small Indigenous-owned business

Note: this is a print, not an original painting. Frame NOT included. Each print has a 0.36-inch white border around the design in order to include the handwritten print #, title, and signature at the bottom. 

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